Top 10 Marketing Tips for Newbie To Start


Looking for some tips on being a newbie in the world of marketing? Here are a few to think about (and do!).

1) Know your audience - While marketing your website or webpage, you should consider your audience. Who are they? What do theyexpect from the website? Are you offering that? Will visitorsto your website find what they are looking for?

2) Know your budget - Whatever your website is, marketing it canbecome expensive! Depending on how you market it and how much, you could rack up the bucks in marketing. So, before you beginmarketing it, you need to have a budget, a goal in mind of how much you want to spend on marketing alone.

3) Choose the right marketing medium - Choose the medium you will use to advertise wisely. Now, if your target audience is young women, you definitely want to advertise on such sites as ivillageand woman. com. But, is it worth putting your money out there for such sites less used by women, say a sports page? It may attract a few interested individuals but will it be enough to pay back what you put in? Perhaps not.

4) Use email marketing carefully - If you choose to market your website through email, it is extremely important that you do not violate any email laws especially those concerning spam. The fines you will have to pay for doing so will far out weigh any possible income you have generated from your website. To find the latest rules and guidelines, check out the host of places willing to tell you on the net!

5) Free adversiting - Consider free websites that allow you to advertise on them. Be careful though, as spamming these sites isjust as bad as email spam. Its the quickest way to get yourselfbooted out of the message board or lock your access to websites because of it. Always get the owners okay or find the rules onthe sites to ensure you are not making a mistake.

6) Participating in forum - Consider message boards as a form of marketing for your website. Many websites offer message board areas to their members. If the members are people you believe will be interested in your website, see if there is a place to advertise your site. Also, participate in the message boards sopeople can trust you!

7) Use signature line - Another inexpensive way to market a website is to use signature lines. What is that? Well, simply put, its the line on an email or in a message of any kind with your name. Under your name, maybe place a link to your website with some juicy, tantalizing tidbit to peak the readers interest. Such things as "Hey, I've got my own business? Jealous?" will lead people to the site and bingo, free visitor!

8) Using business card - Yet another option is using businesscards. Don't panic you don't need a sophisticated, professionally made business card to attrack visitors to your website, again, a simple phrase like the one above can lead tomany interested people. Maybe they won't all sign up, but many will see it and that leads us to the next tidbit.

9) Word of mouth - What is more effective and cheaper then word of mouth advertising? If a friend knows what you are doing (and hopefully they all will!) and they tell a friend and then that person tells a friend... Well, you get the idea. Pretty soon you will have visitors from all over talking about your website and promoting it without any realization that they are!

10) Know the product you sell - Now, this last tip may seem obvious, but it has to be said. With so many people getting into the world of Internet marketing, they need to realize the obvious. When you are marketing awebsite, a product, or even yourself, know what you are talking about. Understand what it is you are selling. Know the answers to their questions long before they ask. You have to look smartand be able to provide the reader or the customer with what theyneed. The customer is always right, but make sure you know whatyou are talking about! Know how to use and utilize the tools youare given as well.

(c) ToonChooi Tan


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