How Quality Content Will Increase Your Traffic and Sales


Are you aware of how vitally important and valuableCONTENT is to your online business? In fact, contentcan do more to build your business and profits thanjust about any other resource or service available.

Following is a list of 5 key ways that content can helpbuild your traffic, subscribers, and customers startingtoday!...

1. One of the best ways to generate no cost traffic isby submitting ready-made articles to "content hungry"web-site and newsletter publishers with your "resourcebox" attached. A resource box is nothing more than alittle 3-6 line "bio" about you and/or your web-site - including a link to your site (or even instructions onhow to subscribe to your newsletter)...

When submitting or offering your article(s) for reprintpurposes, just make sure to specify that each articleis to be reprinted "as is" with your resource boxattached.

Plus having your article and resorce box posted on awebsite will increase you link popularity. This is anexcelent way to increase your search engine ranking.

2. Boost your search engine ranking and daily visitorcount by posting keyword rich articles and content onyour web-site. For example, if your business involvesoffering products and services related to fitness, posting fitness related articles and content willattract unlimited prospective customers on a regularbasis!

3. Generate double or even triple the number ofnewsletter subscribers you do currently, simply byoffering content in the form of "special reports" ormanuals as bonuses for subscribing to your publication. People love freebies, so give them what they want andwatch as your results increase!

4. Create an automated cashflow by using content toformulate multi-part email training courses withrelated web-site or affiliate links "sprinkled"throughout each course. Use an autoresponder service toautomate the delivery of your training course (such asa 5 part training course delivered over a 5 dayperiod).

Training courses can also serve as excellent bonusoffers for your prospective newsletter subscribers.

5. One of the most important keys to a successfulonline business is not JUST having a list of mailinglist or newsletter subscribers... It's about building atrusting relationship with your subscribers (ie,"cultivating" your list)...

By sending informative articles (content) to your liston a regular basis you will establish yourself as anexpert on your topic of business, as well as gain thetrust of your subscribers over time. As a result, yoursubscribers will be EAGER to take advantage of your"paid" product and service offers. (Just make surethat you NEVER take advantage of the relationship youdevelop with your list by offering products or servicesof poor quality just to make a quick buck!)

If there is one "constant" in Internet marketing, it'sthis: A cultivated list of subscribers is as good asmoney in the bank. Write that down and never forgetit!

Well there you have it, 5 sure ways to build youronline business exponentially with the help of articlesand content...

With the declining effectiveness of many of the onlineadvertising methods that we've relied on in past years, content is only strengthening its position as theultimate KEY to generating unlimited traffic, subscribers, and customers!


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