Do You Know the 3 Key Strategies to Using Lead Capture Pages?


Leads are the Life Blood of any Online Home Based Business. The Best leads are the Leads You Generate Yourself using Lead Capture Pages.

  • Only Use LCPS Created by others and Hosted on There Site

  • Only Use your LCPS Hosted on Your Own Web Sites

  • The Hybrid which is a Combination of Both

    The Advantages of Strategy 1 using Other Peoples Pages

    • Quicker Startup

    • Proven and Reliable

    • Use there Bandwidth

    The DisAdvantages of Strategy 1 using Other Peoples Pages

    • They Get the Traffic

    • They are in Control

    The Advantages of Strategy 2 using your own Pages

    • You are in Control

    • You decide what, Where and How to Promote

    • Much More Flexibility

    • You get all the Traffic

    • You own all the Banner, Text ads and Pop-Ups
    The DisAdvantages of Strategy 2 using your own Pages

    • Slower Startup

    • More Work

    • Using Your Bandwidth

    Strategy 3 the Hybrid Approach seems to Maximize the benefits while Minimizing the Disadvantages.

    The First part of Strategy 3 is deciding which 3rd Party Lead Capture page you are going to Promote.

    My All Important Rule 1

    Only Promote 3rd Party Lead Capture Pages that Notify you with the E-Mail Address when Someone signs up to your Page.

    • Before I use a Lead Capture Page I sign-up Myself to see what kind of information I am given. If it passed the Rule 1 test then I use it. If it doesn't pass the Test I don't use it.

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