No Marketing, No Promoting, Huge Profits


Internet business opportunities come in many flavors and varieties. Most of them require some form of promotion in order to generate any income.

This is where many website owners seem to falter, and many never recover.

This article is not about marketing for websites, it is about ways to avoid having to market your website. This requires a carefully thought out plan, one that is a much outside the box thinking as anything else.

To start, we select a basic opportunity that runs itself. There are such opportunities out there, and they can be characterized by a complete internal system of marketing and promotion. One such example is Empowerism. It features a built-in autoresponder and opt-in email lead program, and provides basic marketing of your website without any help from you.

This program can be allowed to run, with your only requirement being to feed it $19.95 every month. However, the thing that makes Empowerism a great opportunity is the RSVP and MVP programs it offers. These programs allow you to make money without doing anything except feeding them some seed money.

The Empowerism website does a good job of explaining these programs, so I won't attempt to do that here. My point is that to build the perfect web business without marketing, you have to start with an automated component.

Empowerism will allow you to build a fortune slowly. In our perfect business plan, we will use it to generate seed capital for the second part of our business. You may have another Internet business that can be used to generate this capital - it does not matter where it comes from, although having the ability to regenerate income again and again is an advantage that we can use in the second part of our business to help it grow.

The second part of our plan is where we can experience massive income growth in a relatively short time. Rather than spill the entire plan here and now, I will just give you an example of what we will do in this perfect business plan.

Everbody is aware of the energy markets, like unleaded gasoline, crude oil, and natural gas. All of these markets are very volatile on a day to day basis, but they all exhibit strong seasonal price movement tendencies every year. If you could participate somehow in these moves, you would stand to make lots of money.

The same thing happens with the grain markets - corn, wheat, and the soybean products. They exhibit strong seasonal price changes that can be followed with relative safety using our systems, and in the process, can generate huge profits along the way.

By using an Internet based opportunity to generate cash, then using that cash in another business segment that can be Internet based, we can have a business that does not require marketing of any kind, yet offers rewards greater than many Internet businesses can ever achieve.

For more information on this business plan, feel free to contact me via email, or visit the website listed below.

Rick Barnett


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