Online Business Mistakes


Everybody makes mistakes, but nobody likes to talk about them. We feel silly and foolish, even though we could not possibly have known. I know I have made many mistakes during my online business career and it's embarassing! While my rational brain knows it is not really true, my irrational brain thinks that the whole world has seen my mistake and is pointing and laughing at me.

One of my biggest mistakes was not getting the account information when I first registered my domain. That may sound silly to some, but as a beginner I had no idea how to register a domain name or what I might need the login information for. I had my host register it and everything worked fine, great! Eventually, when I wanted to change hosts, I started to think about how to access my registration account. I had to ask the host and luckily they gave it to me with no problem.

SPAM. Almost everyone sends some SPAM when they start, mostly without even knowing it. Replying to ad confirmation emails is not allowed, who knew? And buying a list to send ads to is also SPAM. Those people didn't say, "Cathy, send me your ad," so they cannot be considered an "opt-in" list. Again who knew? Outblaze STILL won't let my mail get through to some domains! To this day I wonder how list sellers can get away with it.

How about posting an ad with no URL? Come on! You've done it! I've done it, too. :)

I tried a loading page once. One that said "Please wait while the site is loading" so that viewers would see the complete page at once instead of loading bit by bit. BIG MISTAKE! Nobody ever bothered to wait.

I've had various bugs, bad URL's and web site snafus that are really too numerous to mention. I have grown to hate cgi.

I don't know if this is really my mistake, but it sure looked like one to a brand new client. My hard drive crashed right in the middle of emailing back and forth with him. It took me several days to repair it and I never heard from him again.

I hope this will help you to avoid some of the most common online business mistakes. If you've already made them, at least you know you are not alone.


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