Weblogs, Podcasting, and RSS Newsfeeds in the Marketing Mix


Weblogs and Podcasting in the Marketing Mix

It is rare that such a speedy development could have been watched as it happens now for Podcasting. But for this there are some good reasons. Weblogs have become an established Publishing Tool with millions of users and readers. Furthermore users are able now to handle multimedia applications and do own computers and mobile music players. But the up to date hype should not be reasoned by the users, which rather do not have expert skills in marketing, but by the industry following those millions of users. Also investors again are very active in the reach of weblogs and IT at all.

Studies state that about the half of mobile music player owners already has downloaded a podcast. By those preconditions the way for commercialization is free. But, too, it seems to be necessary to do so, because the industry needs the users to become offered industrial products. This probably is not without conflicts, because users might have their reasons to go to those new independant media channels.

RSS Newsfeeds in the Marketing Mix

The RSS Data Format, compared to the Hype of Podcasting, does exist for a far longer time. It is popular now, but it seems that it does not have the same broad acceptance like weblogs. By this one might describe weblogs as medium for the masses and RSS Newsfeeds, as long as those do not become integrated in a website, as a medium for niches. Opposite to this big portals now are offering the opportunity to integrate RSS News in personalized news pages. By this and with the opportunity to reach a broader audience also big players do start RSS Activities. Furthermore niches of course not neccessarily are less important.

RSS is build by the data format XML, which gives some interesting possibilities. Interested users may receive RSS Newsfeeds by subscription. Furthermore XML offers the opportunity to integrate Newsfeeds and their content into websites. Meanwhile there is a good range of newsfeed search engines and for those, too, do exist submission tools.

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