3 Reasons Why I Never Delete Spam Immediately


All of us hate spam and all of us have our own methods of fighting it. Unfortunately, all the methods in the world cannot help us to succeed completely. A long time ago, I heard the expression, "If you can't beat them then embrace them".

Ok, so what has this expression have to do with the spam problem? In my opinion, a lot! I decided to use the spammer's knowledge for my own interests instead of just being frustrated and get upset looking at all my emails full of junk.

Every morning when I open my email, I quickly look through all the spam. Why am I doing this instead of delete them immediately?

Reason 1:

Reason 2:

I have few web-sites in different business areas of the Internet and always look for nice affiliate programs to enrich my sites. If the subject of the spam letter is related to one of my web-sites in some way, I always try to find the time to check it out. And you know what? These sites often have very interesting products and generous affiliate commissions, that's why they were chosen by spammers! It is not the website owner's fault that they become the target for spammers.

Reason 3:

Spammers know that everybody hates them and that people try to delete their messages immediately, so they have learned how to make their letters and headlines catchy!

Instead of buying loads of e-books on "how to", you can learn these techniques for free just looking thru all the headlines of junk letters.

Am I trying to protect spammers or trying to find positive signs in their activity? Absolutely Not! I am sick and tired from these folks, the same as you, but if I cannot escape from them at least I can use them. Remember what that wise expression said? "If you can't beat them then embrace them".

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