8 Excellent Ways to Sell Your Back-end Products More Successfully!


A back-end product is a product that you attempt to sell to your customers after they have recently purchased a related item from your business. Selling back-end products is an extremely effective way of boosting your profits. It is a lot easier to sell products to those who have already bought from you than to seek out new customers. Of course, it is extremely important that you have a steady flow of new customers but it is also important to keep up with older customers and always be looking to lead them to make another purchase. If you make transactions on your website a good experience, older customers are very likely to look to do business with you again. It is your responsibility to persuade them to make that decision. Here are 8 ways to sell your back-end products more successfully:

1. When you ship the first product to your customer be sure to leave a leaflet all about your back-end product. Make the leaflet bright and colourful so that it is not thrown straight in the bin. Promote your back-end product in great detail, telling the reader how it will benefit them.

2. Give your customers a free surprise gift when they buy their first product. The most effective gifts are ebooks because they are very cheap to product and are very easy to distribute. Attach an ad for your back-end product to the free gift. Your customer will be in a positive frame of mind due to the free gift he has just received and so is likely to look at your ad.

3. After your customers purchase, take them to a 'thank you' page. On this page you could promote several back-end products you have. Make your customers feel good about themselves and so keep on congratulating them on making a good purchase. People like being told that they have made a good decision. If they are made to feel this way they might be persuaded to make another purchase.

4. Start your own 'customers' only ezine'. Let anyone who has made a purchase from your site sign up free to this ezine. As well as offering quality content in this ezine you could also promote your back-end product in every issue. This way, customers will see your back-end product offer on a regular basis.

5. If you sell expensive products then a great way to bring a customer to make another sale is by sending them a card on their birthday or on holidays. Put a small advertisement inside the card. Although sending a card sounds ridiculous, your customers will be touched by how you have remembered their birthday.

7. Create a 'customers' only' area of your site. Fill this area with interesting content and some free downloads to really boost this area's traffic. Then, subtly add ads promoting your back-end products around this area. Be careful not to load this area with ads because otherwise customers will recognise this and will not return.

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