Year In Review: Top Ten Internet Businesses 2004


The internet boom hit a high mark in 2004. With oldstandbys and new emergences, the top ten internetbusinesses 2004 show a variety of companies all with onething in common: they have adapted well to the World WideWeb. Many companies have difficulties and struggle amidstthe huge ocean of the internet, especially since it isquite difficult to maintain a personal face. Thecompanies in the top ten have not only succeeded in thebusiness sense, they have invaded out daily life and havebecome a household name. From meagre beginnings, thesetop ten entrepreneur companies have mastered this newmedium and are an inspirational to any buddingentrepreneur interested in starting an internet basedbusiness.

The Internet search engine Google was the top internetbusiness of 2004. The world's largest search enginereceives over 200 million hits a day. Businesses payGoogle to have an ad for their website appear to theright side of the user's search. The paid advertisingtargets consumers seeking information. Google's initialpublic offering gave it a market capitalisation of over $23billion dollars, placing it between Yahoo and Amazon. com. In addition to becoming an economic success, the company'sname has invaded our language. The verb "google" enteredthe dictionary with a definition meaning "to look someoneor something up on the internet." The essence of a trulysuccessful business is not only one that makes money butalso serves its clients to the utmost potential.

The online auction site eBay. com continued to expand itsservices and customer base throughout 2004. As the industryleader it boasts over tens and millions of members and haswebsites in over 17 countries. eBay. com generated over $3billion in revenues off of a record $34 billion dollars inGross Merchandise Volume.

Amazon. com continues to be the world's number one internetretailer with 2004 sales in excess of $6.9 billion dollars. The retailer continues to expand its offerings andpartnerships with other retailers. Recently Amazon. comrolled out, which provides consumers with expandedsearch options to find merchandise on Amazon. com's website. As part of the Tsunami relief effort and in conjunctionwith the American Red Cross, Amazon. com set-up an onlinedonation channel, which raised over $13 million dollars.

Yahoo Inc. provides comprehensive global internet services. It remains the most visited website with over 3 billionpage views per day. Yahoo launched its own search enginetechnology after dropping Google-powered results. Boastingfree and paid email accounts and website complete withdesign tools, many pleased clients are using Yahoo.

Expedia, the Washington-based travel company hasrevolutionized the entire travel industry. Allowingindividuals to serve as their own travel agents and searcha database of airfares, rental cars, and hotel rooms, Expedia has allowed everyone to gain access to thephenomenal travel deals that would previously bereserved for insiders.

Technology giant Microsoft launched the Microsoft to servea variety of needs for a consumer. Boasting email, news, chat software, and website hosting, MSN is one of the mostvisited websites on the internet.

America Online has found a great deal of competition withcompanies like MSN and Yahoo! but is still one of the mostpopular internet service providers out there. Boasting anentire network of satisfied customers, AOL goes beyond theservice of other providers. Many individuals new to theinternet choose to use AOL due to its ease of use andavailability all over the globe.

Netflix has become an increasingly popular option for manymovie-renting customers. Instead of having to travel toyour local movie store, the movies are shipped directly toyour home. You have an unlimited number of rentals andpay a nominal monthly fee for the service. By lowering itsfees in the middle of the year to compete with lowercompetitor prices, Netflix drastically increased itsclientele.

With the popularity of burning audio and video files tocreate your own CDs, many copyright issues have takencenter court. Instead of illegally trading music for freeusing person to person programs; Real. com has a wide arrayof songs available for legal download for a nominal fee. Additionally, Real. com offers a variety of free and paymedia players so individuals can play MP3s, CDs, DVDs, andany other type of media file directly on their computer.

The last internet company in the top ten is online retailerand technology giant Apple. Their website Apple. com boastsan amazing number of customers each month, as it provides aforum to purchase Apple products along with differentprograms necessary for maintaining your Apple computer, iPod, or any other electronic product sold by the company.


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