Start a Fire Sale! Give Your Faithful Clients Bonuses!


When is the last time you received an unexpected gift? Or a larger gift than you had expected?

Every quarter, I receive something special from the gardening magazine to which I subscribe: a packet of seeds or a ten page booklet on bird calls or a pair of knee pads for getting down and NOT dirty in my garden.

My cheese service surprises me with a hunk of Gouda, a quality merlot with one third off, a discount coupon to be used by a certain date.

The result? I buy more cheese and wine than I should, and I've extended my Gardening magazine subscription to 2010.

Gifts and bonuses pay off: increased sales, and the opportunity to sell more pricy offers to customers who know and trust you.

Here are several suggestions of ways and wherefores for bonuses in your marketing.

1) build your opt-in list by offering a bonus of a specially selected e-book. The book will complement product(s) you intend offering later. Repeat this practice offering quality material, not TIRED material.

4) Create a free ezine as a bonus. Customers and prospects want to learn what succeeds and why: the ideas, the software products, the gurus, the new sites, the marketing strategies, the improved services and materials you and your network are creating with THEM in mind. So, YOU tell print in the ezine and via recording.

5) Use bonuses to rev up your sales. Wording like this works ......", this product will be available for you at a 35 percent discount until (MONTH/DAY/YEAR)." ORDER NOW!


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