The Reality Of How To Make Money In An Online Business


"Making money online quick and easy" seems to be the buzzword today in the home business and money making arenaonline these days. It would seem at first glance thatmaking money online seems to be a very simple thing. However, as most internet marketers would tell you, this isnot true as making money online is a serious business andhard work has to go into it.

This article aims to help anyone trying to make money onlinewith a websiteby suggesting ways to increase your online money makingprofits today.

1. Increase your website traffic

Increasing your website traffic today can and will increaseyour online profits because the more people that you get tovisit your website, the more chances of a sale being made. The more qualified the website traffic the better meaningthat it would be best for someone to get "Biscuits" if theywere searching for it online. Some ways to increase yourwebsite traffic are found below.

Firstly, traffic exchanges today are used by many people toincrease website traffic to their websites. While this isnot wrong, you must know the type of website traffic you aregetting and how to use it. The website traffic that you aregetting from such programs are website owners and if youpromote a tool that they can use to increase their ownwebsite traffic or promote a website traffic generationnewsletter to them, you can increase your own websitetraffic substantially when you send a newsletter tellingthem about the latest traffic generation tool you got. Therefore to make money from traffic exchanges you need touse it with a landing page leading to a newsletter signupotherwise you are wasting your surfing time.

On the other hand, most people who use such exchanges remarkthat a plain signup page for a business opportunity does notreally work. A better idea some have argued is to promote anewsletter signup page which will then send automated emailsto the signup via an autorespondor. Internet marketingstudies have shown that it takes 7 views of an offer onlinebefore anyone would consider making a purchase thusvalidating this strategy.

Secondly, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the key termthat most people online seem to be fascinated about whentrying to make money online. The reason for this is simple. Most people today go to search engines to find out aboutanything online. If you can get more high search rankingsfor your own website, this can translate into more qualifiedvisitors to your website from the search engines and greatersales and you can then make more money with anything thatyou are promoting. Casting aside the more technicalprogramming jargon, the twin most important things to makingmoney online in terms of SEO is inbound links and goodcontent on your website. There are several ways to get goodinbound links. You can buy them online, or you can doreciprocal linking or you can write articles and publishthem. In all these ways, you can increase the number ofinbound links to your website and increase its websitetraffic as well both from the website that you link is onbut from the search engines eventually.

2. Start a Newsletter

3. Make money from your website using Google Adsense

Once you gain website traffic to your website, you couldalways signup as a publisher with Google and make money frompeople that land at your website. Even if the person doesnot want to purchase anything from your website, they mightclick on the Ad by Google and you make money from thatvisitor. A quick tip that has proven very useful is thatyou should always match your Google Adsense settings to thecolour of your website page as far as possible so that thevisitor to your website thinks its part of the website. This would result in higher clickthrough ratios and allowyou to make more money from Adsense.

Finally, one would have to spend time writing out a plan ofaction before any of the ideas mentioned above can help youmake more money with your website. The golfing adageparalysis by analysis still rings through in this situation. Many people get so fascinated with the various internetmarketing strategies available online that they forget toactually sit down and carry it out. Write a plan of action, including timelines and amount of money and time you arewilling to spend and show it to your friends and then getdown to doing it. Making money online, coupled with greatdetermination can yield you massive profits. Here's wishingyou all the best in your quest for online profits.

By Joel Teo 2005 All Rights Reserved

Joel Teo is a work at home business owner, the owner ofseveral highly successful money making websites.


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