Website Sales: 10 Shocking Tactics To Energize Your Sales


Let me reveal to you a few shocking website sales tactics toenergize your sales and profits, starting now:

1. Start your own internet radio station. It could berelated to the theme of your web site and you couldadvertise your products over the station.

2. Turn your banner ad into a trivia question. Postthe question on the banner and tell readers they canwin a prize if they answer the question at your site.

3. Motivate people to buy your product. Tell thema lot of positive things like "You can now reach yourgoals and change your life if you buy our product".

4. Get your sales letters and web site evaluated forfree. Visit business discussion boards and ask otherdiscussion participants to evaluated them.

5. Get your products or services evaluated for free. You can give your product for free in exchange forevaluations and even testimonials.

6. Keep your loyal customers happy because theyare your future profits. Give them discounts andfree gifts as often as possible.

8. Make it easy for your affiliates to make sales. Givethem proven ads to use, make it easy for prospectsto order and provide helpful affiliate stats.

9. Persuade e-zine publishers or webmasters to runyour ad for free. Just allow them to join your affiliateprogram and earn commission on the sales.

10. Make your products sell quickly by adding a tonof bonuses. You could get the free bonuses for littleor no cost buy joint venturing with other businesses.

May these website sales secrets help you to makea lot of money and succeed.


I-key Benney, CEO

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