Niche Marketing, Niching Niches for the Ultimate Payoff


Niche Marketing, in simple terms is all about targeting hot topics, providing the answers, and making them available to search engines and you.

Staying with the basics, here are just a few steps required in creating a Niche Market:

1. Find out what people are most interested in.

2. Create or find a product that gives the answers.

3. Advertise your product on a mini site using Pay Per Click Search Engines.

Of course, as with everything, when you dig a little deeper, you find variables. One such variable is about determining the specifics of a search term's popularity.

For example, you might discover that people are really interested in "pet care." However, there are literally hundreds of different pets people have, and multiple breeds of each.

So you must narrow things down a bit by researching which pet information is more sought after than others. Do searches on "tropical fish", "dogs", "cats", "ferrets", etc. until you have a good amount of statistical information on each pet. Then determine the most popular type of pet to begin focusing on.

Let's say hypothetically, you learn through your research that "dogs" is the most popular pet search on the Search Engines. Now you have a focus group to work with in creating an informative product. Dog Lovers!

So out of the hundreds of possible pets people might be interested in, "dogs" turn out to be the number one pet searched about.

So what do you do? Write an ebook about dogs?

You could, but you would lose big time! Niche Marketing is a ll about targeting specifics. But the topic of "dogs" covers literally hundreds of different breeds. So from a niche perspective, the topic of "dogs" is still way too broad.

In order to successfully niche the topic of "dogs", you'll have to go back to the Search Engines and break the subject matter down more. Do searches on "collies", "spaniels", "beagles", etc. until you've found the most popular breeds.

Again, using Adword Equalizer I save lots of time and get ev en more useful answers.

Now you're niching!

OK, so you do your search on the various breeds of dogs and find that the "golden retriever" is the most popular breed inquired about. All your hard work has paid off and you have your primary target.

But perhaps something else was learned from the breakdown.

Dogs are extremely popular pets, and maybe you saw that, even though "golden retrievers" were the most popular, other breeds came in as close seconds.

Do you just forget about them and follow through with your primary target? Is there something you can do to capitalize on these other popular breeds?

Taking into consideration that most dogs require similar types of care, it wouldn't be a whole lot of trouble to write an informative ebook on "golden retrievers" and make a few adjustments to turn it into an informative ebook about "Labrador retrievers", or any other breed of dog.

This is called "niching niches". That is, capitalizing on commonalities and moderating the specifics to suit a number of similar topics.

So you could, in effect, write one ebook about golden retrievers and moderate it slightly to target nearly every breed of dog there is!

Likewise, it wouldn't take a lot of effort to tweak your mini site sales copy pages for each breed either. Before you know it, you could have a dozen or so ebooks about all the most popular breeds of dogs circulating throughout the Pay Per Click Search Engines, all making you a tidy profit.

Hopefully you can see the benefits of taking the time to niche niches. It gives you a multiple stream of income, that's true. But it also allows you to "brand" yourself as an expert in your field.

How so?

Well who would you most likely buy from. An author with one ebook on the market about one breed of dog? Or an author with a dozen ebooks about various breeds of dogs?

Obviously, you'd gravitate to the one with the most information on the market, right?

And it's all because you learned the secret about Niching Niches!

Now go have some fun and do your own Niching. Once you get into it, you may even find it addictive. You may end up with more niches than you know what to do with.

But don't fret it. You'll soon discover the magic of having multiple streams of income from having several niche markets web sites. Take the example of people like Phil Wiley. He keeps adding new sites, and automates the system, permitting him to keep adding.

See you again back in Niche Country

Copyright 2004

Fred Farah

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