The Secret to Making More Money in Your Online Business: Lessons From Monopoly


Thousands and thousands of people are striving to make more money in their online businesses each day. If you are one of the thousands of people, have you ever played the game of monopoly? Have you ever been exposed to the hidden secret in the game that will help you earn more money in your business?

Monopoly is a very simple game once you understand how to win. Most everyone who plays the game knows that to win, the formula is very basic. Buy green houses. Trade 4 green houses for a hotel. Repeat often and you will win. The fun comes with having enough money and luck to buy all those properties, houses and hotels. Another way of looking at the formula is to say, 'the game is won by controlling the most property'.

Have you ever stopped to think how this could apply to your business? Could you use this secret in someway to increase the amount of money you earn? Of course you can, if you make one simple distinction. What is the 'property' of your business?

An online business lives and dies on the internet. The property of an internet business is ... 'WORDS'. That's right, words. In a given industry, the company who controls the most property wins. Now, its definitely not a game but the concept is very workable. The words you control are what distinguishes your company from some other company. The reason this works is because the web is indexed based on words. Most people will find your business because of something they read. So, if you control the best property in your online business, you should get the best results.

There are many locations for this online property. The most obvious location is web pages in a search engine. The manner in which you control this property is with content. Substantial, readable, keyword dense content will allow you to control the search engines. This is not a lesson on search engines but given the amount of content based on the one word 'SEO' you can begin to understand how popular this idea is.

Another location the you need to control is emails. The words you use to communicate with your customers and prospects is very important. The proper word(s) used in the proper fashion convert the person from a reader into a browser or possibly a buyer.

Yet another money making location for you to consider is advertising. Online there are various forms of ads that, you guessed it, display words to a person enticing them to action. By controlling this avenue of your business, the proper words can be very effective. Ad add placed for the proper keyword can make thousands of dollars a month, whereas the wrong keyword or improperly phrased ad can be a dud.

So, will all this in mind, how do you control the words you use online? The first thing to do is realize just how important and potentially powerful the words you chose are. Second, you need to know what words are worth controlling. You have to research, test, test and test some more until you are confident which words are the best to use. Next, armed with this money making knowledge, you can make it your policy to sprinkle these tested and proven words in all your communications.

By controlling the property of the internet, the words, you will have the upper edge on all your competitors. The time and energy put into seeking these proper words will pay for itself over and over. There is an enormous amount of money to be made by applying this concept to your business. Good luck and choose your words wisely. The pen or keyboard truly is mightier than the sword.


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