The Myth of Internet Marketing: aka The Golden Carrot


Why am I so mad I could throw my computer right out of my upstairswindow?

Well, I'll tell you. But first I want to tell you who I am.

My name is Cathy Smith and I work at Lake Superior StateUniversity in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan. In the past two yearsthe Governer of our state has cut the state funding for higher education by a whopping 20%. This has resulted in layoffs andjob eliminations at our university.

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We used to have a four person office but now thanks to university DOWNSIZING we only have a two person office.

I am one of the "lucky" ones who survived the cuts and still have a job. I not only have my own job but the jobs of the two people in our office who were eliminated. So now I have threeFULL-TIME jobs. See how lucky I am?

I am so lucky to come home very night too exhausted to spend quality time with family and friends, too exhausted to devoteany time to my hobbies, too exhausted to do any of the thingsI love to do. My health is suffering from stress and overwork. I have developed migraines and IBS. I can't sleep at night.

Are you a victim of "downsizing"? Do you hate your job? Areyou sick of coming home too tired to enjoy your life?

Then listen up!

I decided to do something about it. I got on the internet andstarted looking for ways to start my own home business. I figured if I'm going to kill myself working, it might as wellbe for myself!

I typed in home business and a whopping 40,000,000+ webpages poppedup. Wow! I thought I must really be on to something.

So I started to read some of these webpages.

And that's how I found the "Golden Carrot"!

Here's how it goes...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Make $10,000 While You Sleep"! (or some other jazzy title)


My name is (insert name here) and I am an internet marketing(insert "expert", "guru", "millionaire"). I made millions lastyear selling (insert program, ebook, software, etc.) and I canshow you how to do it too. It's so easy a baboon could do it!

For only (insert price here) dollars I can show you how to make (insert a large dollar figure here) in only a few weeks.

Quit your job and have your own home business. Make a fortune. Learn how to do it from an expert.

Send me (insert anywhere from $9.95 to $5000) of your hard-earneddough and I'll show you how to get rich in 7 easy steps.

Click here to order!

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I figured that I'm at least as smart as a baboon, so I ordered! And I ordered, and I ordered, and I ordered.

Now I have an entire collection of "Golden Carrots" taking up hard drive space on my computer!!

Am I rich? NO! Am I still stuck in my exhausting job? YES! Am I $4000 poorer? YES!!

Now do you know WHY I want to throw my computer out the window??

So what is the "Myth of Internet Marketing"??

The Internet is NOT a Magic Carpet that can help you market some program, product, ebook or widget and guarantee overnight riches.

Internet Marketing is still "MARKETING". HELLO!!

Do you have a degree in Marketing? No? Neither do I. Do you have a degree in Advertising? No? Neither do I. Do you know how to design a website? No? Me either. Can you write sales letters? No? Nope, Me either.

But if you believe the Internet Marketing "Experts" who dangletheir "Golden Carrots" in front of your face you'll believe thatyou can be successful in internet marketing. All you need are enough carrots and you can realize your dream.

Have I given up on my dream to have my own home business?

Absolutely Not! I'm working at it everyday but I'm doingit the right way. The way I should have done it in the first place.

If you have a "Golden Carrot" story, I'd love to hear it. I'll be publishing the best ones in my "GoldenCarrotMonthly"Newsletter.

No this isn't a ploy to collect your email address and send youMY "Golden Carrot"!! I genuinely want to share the experiences of people just like you and me who are looking for help in realizing their dream of a home business.

email your story at cathy@upwholesalers. com

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