Online Sales: 10 Mind Boggling, Electrifying Tricks To Ignite Your Sales


Do you want to unleash a tsunami of sales at your website?

If yes, then use these 10 online sales, electrifying insider's tricks of the trade.

1. Sell an inexpensive product to sell an expensiveproduct. If people like your inexpensive product, they'll be persuaded to buy your expensive one.

2. Allow your visitors to decided how much theywant to pay for your product. I only recommend itfor products that don't sell or ones that hardly sell.

3. Create an extra revenue stream with your website's articles or content. Publish the first paragraphof each article and charge people to read the rest.

4. E-mail targeted e-zines and ask them to do ajoint venture with you. Ask them to run your ad andin exchange they get a percentage of the profits.

5. Find a tiny niche for your new free e-zine. Thereare thousands of free e-zines; your e-zine needs tobe extra specialized to attract new subscribers.

6. Test your ads by using autoresponders. You canhave people e-mail your autoresponders to get moreinformation and you just check your traffic reports.

7. Create credibility and trust with your visitors bytelling them something they already know. They'llknow for sure you're not lying to them.

8. Make residual income from your customers byselling back end products. If you don't have any, you could sign up to related affiliate programs.

9. Use a redirect page to boost your sales. Peoplethink the long affiliate URLs look unprofessional ine-mail so you could redirect them to a web link.

10. Create an extra income from your web site bycharging for consulting. The consulting should berelated to your web site's theme.

May these online sales, secrets help you to make a lot of money.


I-key Benney, CEO

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