Free Internet Secrets That Will Instantly Drive Up Your Traffic and Sales


The following 3 secrets revolutionized my life. For yearsI had tried everything I knew with no success. It didn'tmatter that offline I was a very successful marketingexpert, online success remained elusive. The moment Idiscovered these three secrets things changed dramaticallyfor me.

So why am I revealing them to you?

So here are the 3 secrets.

1) Well written articles People on the net are alwaysignoring this one. Boring plain articles will do nothingfor you. But well written, useful articles with valuableinformation that solves problems will do everything foryou. Many times I've posted an article at one site andthen done a google search a few weeks later to realize ithas already been re-posted in dozens of other sites. Onesales enquiry I received today via email had a url link tothe site where the nice man had seen my article. I'd neverheard of it before and yet 1192 persons have alreadyviewed it.

2) It's a numbers game When I first started usingarticles, I didn't think of the numbers involved. And alot of people who may have posted one or two articles andforgotten all about it may be making exactly the samemistake I made. I wrote one article and sat back waitingfor a response. I still got it (after about 3 weeks) but Isoon got wiser.

You must have heard all those statistics about what kindof traffic a web site needs to be successful. All sorts ofcrazy numbers have been thrown around ranging from 500 toover 2,500 hits PER DAY. Now how does a site get numberslike those without spending the national deficit onadvertising?

With articles it's no problem. Here is the math.

Supposing your article is viewed just twice every day at acertain web site. If you post the same article to only 20similar sites, you'll have 40 hits per day. You need only20 articles to get 800 hits per day.

And don't forget my point number one. If your article ishalf useful, they'll be a viral effect. In a few shortweeks, one listing can yield dozens of other postings. Ifyou add 12 to the math above you get 9,600 hits PER DAY.

The lesson here is that you have to keep on producing newarticles and posting them all the time. I recommend aminimum of 3 new articles every month.

3) Ebay about me page When you add this secret to secretnumber one and two, you'll break the bank - guaranteed.

Of course there's serious money to be made from theauctions or by selling something with a fixed price. Butyou can profit on Ebay even if you are not sellinganything. You can use the About me page to put in allsorts of information including a link to your web site. Just by learning how to do this, you can dramaticallyincrease traffic to your web site or even to your postedarticles. This highly targeted traffic is bound to yieldsales for you, whatever it is you are selling.

I found Brian McGregor's ebook, "The Ebay Formula,"extremely useful in helping me understand how to use Ebayto drive my traffic and profits. You can get the ebook byemailing me at the email address in the resource box.

In conclusion I would like to assure you that with these 3secrets, you can make lots of money online, even if you donot have a web site. I'll let you into a fourth secret. Idon't have a web site myself. Too much work and expense tomaintain. But I make money without one. But that is thesubject of another article. And besides, imagine what youcan do, you who has a web site.


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